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Semifinalists cciMB 2018 Featured

Congratulations to the semifinalists of the cciMB 2018! With so many excellent guitarists participating, the Jury had a challenging job coming to a final decision. We would like to thank all participants for sharing with us their wonderful performances.

From left to right:

Top: Alec Holcomb (USA), Yuval Teeni (Israel), Carlo Curatolo (Italy), Fabian Cardozo (Argentina/Switzerland), Carlotta Dalia (Italy), Clément Charpentier (France)

Middle: Jin Hee Kim (South Korea), Daniela Rossi  (Argentina/Italy), Luis Guevara (Chile), Damiano Pisanello (Switzerland), Marco Piperno (Italy), Cassie Martin (France)

Bottom: Flavio Nati (Italy), Pasquale Vitale (Italy), Andrea Roberto (Italy), Omar Nicho (Peru), Karmen Stendler (Slovenia)

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