Savarez is a French string manufacturer founded in 1770 in Lyon by the Italian string maker family Savaresse. Starting off with plain gut strings made by hand, the company over the years extended its string materials to silk, steel, bronze and brass. In the 1930s, with the arrival of nylon, the company began to apply modern technologies developing several world-famous string types, like Ysaye for bowed instruments and Argentina, highly suitable for Gypsy jazz guitar, used by renowned Gypsy jazz artist Jean "Django" Reinhardt and also as standard equipment of Maccaferri and Selmer guitars. The company has since continued its research on raw materials and advanced technologies resulting in the introduction of many new highly successful string types: in the 1970s, Savarez Crystal,  the most precisely made non-rectified nylon strings available; in the 1990s, Savarez Alliance made of composite fiber instead of nylon, and the flexible strings Savarez Corum; in 2000, the Savarez Red Card and Savarez Blue Card classical guitar strings.

We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Savarez to support the cciMB 2018 Competition & Festival. The company has generously agreed to contribute €1 000.- to the First Prize, and donate a free set of Savarez guitar strings to all semifinalists and a special gift box to the winner.


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