Musiques d'un Siècle

The association Musiques d'un Siècle can be considered as a roaming music festival. Its organisational structure, which incorporates concerts taking place all over France, allows it to promote all kinds of beautiful music: classical repertoire, jazz, world music, contemporary works and improvisational music. Through multi-faceted projects under the guidance of cellist François Salque, Musiques d'un Siècle strives to respect the identity of each region and each location wherever it operates. Through its involvement and collaboration with volunteer teams, it promotes outreach initiatives at both local and national levels.

Musiques d’un Siecle is able to pool and optimise the realisation of concert series and the hosting of artists at all its festivals by sharing many resources (administration, artistic direction, logistical support, media writing and production, follow-up of the event organisation and communication campaigns, fundraising). Its aim is to offer a variety of repertoire to the public, favouring the development of both classical and popular music in an increasing number of locations. Eager to promote both contemporary - through collaborations with and commissions to composers – and classical music, Musiques d'une siècle brings together young artists and established soloists. The diversity of its festivals has enabled musicians at the onset of their career to make their debut, but also to meet internationally renowned performers.

This innovative approach, in which administrative and artistic management complement each other, works as a catalyst for projects, in a spirit of sharing and challenge.