Totem is a music management and production company focused on outstanding classical music but not from an exclusive and limiting perspective. Its vision is instead to go beyond the strict boundaries of classical music extending into different music genres and interacting with other art forms. Like Anton Chekhov’s breaking down of the fourth wall which separates actors and audience in drama, the artistic agency Totem promotes ‘transversal’ and interactive music projects. Transversal because the programs are a dialogue between several aesthetics and different forms of art. Whether it is a unique concert or the programming of a larger cultural project, jazz can combine with classical music, music with dance, literature with painting, etc. The projects are also interactive, for the audience is at the heart of our mission. Totem believes that by involving the audience directly, it will approach the artistic matter differently, thus becoming an active part of the creative act; before, during, and after the artistic event!

Totem has assisted the cciMB in organizing and promoting its 4th edition in Paris.